2017 Leadership Academy Round-Up: Part 2

Ask For More Jackson held the Well-Being Promise Program at the Marriott Hotel in Downtown Jackson. Family, friends, mentors and grantees came to listen in on what the interns had been working on the last four months, including Adriennah Triggs, Miss Senior of Lanier High School, Briashia Linburgen, Miss Homecoming of Lanier High School, and Darius Johnson, Mr. Lanier. Interns shared takeaways from the session with a coordinated “Table Talk,” where they discussed their promise plans, each intern’s tangible reminder of their goals and the skillsets they attained in E3 and the Leadership Academy on their way to achieving them. The interns were presented with a few gifts, including a journal and pen.


Interns discuss their progress with guests.


“I thought it was great,” senior lead intern Cuanna Robinson said. “I think the Leadership Academy gives young future leaders a chance to see what being a leader feels like, looks like and talks like. They have a chance to take on a real leader’s role to help encourage them in their future endeavors.”
We also followed up with Mr. Lanier after the Promise Program and asked him how he felt about the event and what he liked most.

Interns chat and have dinner with their guests.

“The event on Saturday was amazing,” Johnson said. “I enjoyed how well it was planned and organized. The Leadership Academy impacts the lives of the young people by increasing our knowledge of leadership and supporting our roles as the youth. It’s important to us because we hardly ever have the opportunity to work with professional people and also stand up to be a leader and embrace courage. I enjoyed the leadership academy because it has equipped me with the tools necessary to be a future leader.”

Interns, their guests, and staff enjoy their Well-Being Promise Program dinner at the Marriott.