Ask for More Jackson Announces Gwen Gardner as Assistant Director

UBUNTU:  I am because we are.

Gwendolyn (Gwen) Gardner has served as Principal in Residence for Ask for More Jackson (AFMJ) for almost 3 years. She has carried out this role with enthusiasm, experience and knowledge and a deep connection to principals, teachers, students and the communities we serve.  However, I began to observe her in her day-to-day interactions and realized that she had taken on a level of leadership responsibilities that far surpassed what was reflected in her title. 

Gwendolyn Townsey Gardner

I am pleased to announce that Gwendolyn Townsey Gardner is now Assistant Director/Principal in Residence for Ask for More Jackson.  Gwen exemplifies what it means to be a servant leader. She dedicated 41 years of her life (31 years in JPS), to the education of our children, mentoring teachers and school administrators and building community inside the school and within the school community.

Yes, Gwen is “retired” and yet, she finds the energy, fortitude and creativity to take on different levels of challenges for these times.  Gwen epitomizes the true meaning of UBUNTU!

Thank you Gwendolyn Townsey Gardner for your continued service. We at Ask for More Jackson, are very grateful that you decided to spend your “retirement” with all of us!

Carolyn Jolivette

Executive Director