2017 Leadership Academy Round-Up: Part 2

Ask For More Jackson held the Well-Being Promise Program at the Marriott Hotel in Downtown Jackson. Family, friends, mentors and grantees came to listen in on what the interns had been working on the last four months, including Adriennah Triggs, Miss Senior of Lanier High School, Briashia Linburgen, Miss Homecoming...

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Ask For More Arts Helps Teachers Combine Art and Black History

Onstage inside the Walton Elementary School auditorium, a group of teachers, still in their school name-tags, are acting fast. Under the guidance of Sharon Miles, education director at New Stage Theatre of Jackson, they improvise scenes from the Civil Rights Movement, like the Montgomery Bus Boycott and counter sit-ins.  ...

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2017 Leadership Academy Round-Up: Part 1

Leadership is formally defined as the action of leading a group of people or an organization. Ask for More Jackson’s E3, Engage, Enlighten, and Employ’s Leadership Academy pushes that definition further. At E3, being a leader means to be a positive, influential go-getter that inspires others to be their best...

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