Ask For More Initiative

Whom Do We Serve: Ask For More serves selected 2nd – 8th grade teachers and students in the Lanier Feeder Pattern Schools

Why We Do It: Ask for More is dedicated to working with schools to improve the academic performance of students. The Ask for More initiative provides curriculum support for new and veteran teachers and principals in the Learning Feeder Pattern to help them produce proficient or above scholars.

Approach: AFMJ is the convening partner for the professional learning community and provides professional development opportunities in the Lanier Feeder Pattern and community engagement opportunities district wide.  The Ask for More initiative provides professional development for teachers and principals in the Lanier Feeder Pattern. The purpose of the sessions are to provide teachers and principals with effective teaching and learning strategies through modeling and implementation to increase students’ proficiency on the Star and MAP Assessments. Ask for More teachers attend Saturday sessions facilitated by the Kirkland Group. The consultants model effective strategies based on the curriculum blueprint and guide teachers in developing and implementing effective lesson plans to foster success. Ask for More also provided Saturday school for select students from elementary and middle schools in the Lanier feeder Pattern to allow them more learning time as they prepared for the state assessment. .

Impact: Ask for More enhances teachers knowledge of the curriculum and supports them in becoming masters of their craft. Teachers, especially those new to the profession, are more confident in developing lesson plans to ensure effective teaching and learning to produce positive student outcomes. Ask for More developed 40 teachers in the Lanier Feeder Pattern. Saturday school provides small group extended learning time for students.