Ask For More Arts

Whom Do We Serve:

Ask For More Arts serves teachers and students in grades K-8 in the Lanier Feeder Pattern Elementary and Middle Schools


Why We Do It:

To provide teachers with professional development focusing on arts integration across the curriculum and to expose students, especially those in elementary schools where there are no art teachers, to the arts as a means for learning and expressing themselves.



Ask For More Arts is a two-fold partnership initiative with Jackson Public School District and Jackson State University. Ask for More Arts is implemented in six elementary schools and one middle school in the Lanier Feeder Pattern. Local artists provide after school professional development for teachers to engage them in using art integrated strategies in their classrooms. Art lessons and activities are aligned to the state standards for English/ Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science. Teachers learn these strategies and take them back to the classrooms to implement with their students.

Through the Arts residency program, students who major in art at Jackson State University and local artists, bring learning into the classroom. They partner with teachers to engage students in learning about the various arts and using them to develop a culminating project for our annual Art Exhibit. The theme each year is “Our Community- A Sense of Place.” Students, artists, and teachers explore and showcase their communities through the lens of art.



Ask For More Arts has provided 156 teachers with an engaging hands-on tool for teaching and learning in the classrooms. According to several teachers, implementing the arts has improved the behaviors of some students and motivated reluctant students to become more engaged in learning. Ask for More Arts is a model for students to have fun while they are learning.