E3: Engage, Enlighten, Employ

Whom Do We Serve: pastedGraphic.png accepts students – ages 16 to 19 – who are serious about exploring college and career readiness opportunities, as well as developing soft skills in leadership, communication, collaboration, and problem-solving.  

Why We Do It: Children don’t become college and career ready by themselves.  They need support and guidance.  However, children in high poverty communities, for many reasons, lack access to the systems that are designed to serve and support them to be ready for successful adult living, and within those systems are resources – human and fiscal – to achieve that.  pastedGraphic.png helps students access those resources and to take what is gleaned in order to chart a path to self-actualization.  

Approach: During the summer experience, students engage a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-job work experience. The program…

  • Provides an engaging internship experience in the students’ career interests where participants can learn and observe employability and technical skills.
  • Guides participants in the development of a capstone project that is two-fold: development of a personal opportunity plan and the delivery of a three-minute presentation for the final program activity that is designed to highlight enhancements in the students’ academic skills, employability skills, and technical skills.
  • Provides information regarding health and wellness as it relates to students in underserved communities and steps that students can access for their personal well-being.

Students are assigned an internship coach in order to provide one-on-one support and guidance, and the students’ ability to complete the rigorous and intense regimen of activities is also strengthened by internship mentors from businesses and nonprofits who share valuable on-the-job expertise and wisdom.

Impact: After reflecting on the work of pastedGraphic.png for the last 4 years, the most important impact can only be framed as a student’s increased and strengthened capacity to use what he or she has learned from the experience to reach designated goals.  Even though students demonstrate growth on set measures during the program’s operations, impact is demonstrated after they leave us.  For example, during the spring of 2018, the summer 2017 students were contacted to determine how the program has help them, as high school students, to obtain employment.  We obtained 64 responses out of 73 interns who completed the 2017 program.  This is what we discovered:

  1. 1.33 out of 64 interns (52%) attempted to use their E3 experience to obtain employment.
  2. 2.28 out of 33 (85%) were successful.
  3. 3.28 of the total 64 (44%) who responded to us were successful.
  4. 4.Four of our students have started their own businesses.