PTLS: Parents Teaming for Literacy Success

Whom Do We Serve:

PTLS serves K-3 Parents in Lanier Feeder Pattern Schools.


Why We Do It:

To improve students’ reading abilities, it is important that schools focus on a more relevant approach of parent engagement. PTLS is implemented to model and engage parents in literacy strategies to extend and impact their child’s learning at home.


PTLS Approach:

Parents Teaming for Literacy Success (PTLS) is based on the Academic Parent-Teacher Teams (APTT) model developed by Dr. Maria Paredes, the Director of Community Education in the Creighton School District in Phoenix. PTLS is a different approach to the parent–teacher-student relationship in order to focus on a culturally relevant approach of parent engagement, empowerment, and community. PTLS deviates from the current design of parent involvement that only has included one-way communications systems with no meaningful avenues for parental feedback or opportunities for parents to make impactful decisions about their children’s education. PTLS is built on the premise that parents are partners in their children’s learning, and it embeds the research of Joyce Epstein’s 6 types of involvement which recognizes that parents and community partners in education can be involved in different ways and in different locations – at home, at school, and in the community. Each type of involvement includes many different practices of partnership, which raises varied challenges to reach all families, and which produces specific results for students, families, and teachers.


PTLS is implemented in one K-3 classroom in each elementary school in the Lanier Feeder Pattern.  Parents engage in several literacy learning modules in the classrooms with their children and their teachers. The purpose of the sessions are to train parents to read and understand their children’s Star Data for progress and teaching and learning moments at home, how to use the Active Parent technology to monitor classwork and homework and how to utilize parent-friendly effective literacy strategies at home to increase students’ reading proficiency and comprehension skills. All participating parents receive a Parent Toolkit. This toolkit is a collection of research based literacy resources to help them continue literacy learning. 



PTLS creates a stronger parent-teacher relationship to produce proficient learners and readers in school and at home. Through building a community of learners consisting of the teacher, parent, and the child, parents can support their child’s learning and make impactful decisions on their academic growth. In 2017, 348 parents engaged in PTLS sessions.


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