We “DEW” Write at Walton Elementary School

You’ve heard of the Reading Fair, Science Fair, and the Cultural Fair, and now there’s a new Fair being introduced at Walton Elementary School! In collaboration with their school adopter Brown Bottling Group (Mt. Dew), 5th grade students participated in a Writing Fair. The purpose of the fair was to excite and motivate students to write more. Writing Boards will be judged and the winners of the fair will be rewarded by Mt. Dew. 

3200 Bailey Avenue–The Address of Excellence

It is important that we promote writing more, even beyond preparation for the state assessment, MAAP, for students. The more students have the opportunity to write, the more passionate they become about it.
Students in PreK- 4th are also writing more to develop their skills.

Walton School is definitely on the “WRITE” Track to Excellence!