Giving Back During Back-To-School Time

On August 8th, Jackson Public School District will be in full swing with busy teachers, students, parents, and administrators. Consider giving back to the Jackson Public School scholars and teachers by helping teachers and families in need with school supplies!


Ask For More: For Students


Donate school supplies.

Jackson Public School District school supply lists for elementary school students are available online for grades K-2 and grades 3-5.

Middle and high schoolers, who take a more diverse range of courses, also need school supplies, based on what their schools and individual teachers require. Still, every child will need paper and writing utensils. Reach out to students you know and ask how you can help them.


Help with summer reading books.

Summer reading is required for every child in Jackson Public Schools. Though libraries are a big help, books your scholar may need may be checked out by the time they visit. Having a book drive or ordering multiple copies of books for students is a great way to introduce books into the classroom that students can use for younger siblings, or donate back to their teachers. You can check out summer reading lists for all students here.


Don’t forget extracurricular activities!

Know of any band student needing help with lyres, valve oil, or stick tape? What about athletes, choir students, speech and debate students, and more? Your pile of magazines you’re collecting could make a huge difference inside of an art classroom. Giving back could be beneficial not just to students, but to you, too!


Ask For More: For Teachers

Teachers handle a variety of subjects. Though pencils, paper, and expo markers are always a good idea for classroom stock, Kleenex, Germ-X, and printer paper work well, too. This is a great opportunity to reach out to your child’s teachers and ask them what they need. You can look up teachers on their school’s directory on their website. Become a volunteer in the classroom or at the school. An extra pair of hands is always needed and welcomed.


Partners in Education

The Jackson Public School District PIE (Partners in Education) Store exists to significantly offset out-of-pocket costs for parents and teachers, providing not only supplies for teachers but uniforms for students, and more. The PIE Store also takes monetary and item donations.

The spirit of ubuntu calls on us to do good by and for our neighbors. Many people in our great city have taken up the task as individuals, groups, and institutions to help out their neighbors. If you’re able to give, please do! 

And know that there are ways you can give without money. Give with your time or other ways that are important to the growth of our community.




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