Honoring Our Past- Empowering Our Future Through ART

Our final project allowed students the opportunity to research people from the past to show how they are connected to the present. We involved art students from Jackson State University to come and help our students conduct research on Margaret Walker Alexander, who she was a professor there in 1966.

Smith Elementary School Grade Levels: 2nd , 3rd, 4th , 5th
Principal Stephanie Wilson,
Coordinator Kimberly Armstrong
Regina Carpenter, Artist

To further familiarize our students with Margaret Walker Alexander, we read several of her poems.  As a final project, we created the mini theme of “Honoring Our Past, Empowering Our Future through Art.”  Utilizing this theme, we worked with our students to create a mural of Margaret Walker Alexander. We chose Ms. Alexander because there is a street named in her honor in our school community and because she was best known for her poem “For My People.”