Ask For More Jackson Salutes Bronze Award Winner

Ask For More Jackson salutes Mrs. Rosie R. Williams, a Green Elementary School Parent for achieving the Bronze Level Award for her participation in parent engagement activities for the 2017-2018 school year.


(L to R) Althea Johnson, Rosie R. Williams, Edie Graham, Green Elementary School Principal Roshonda Clark.


Ask For More Jackson’s Parents Leading and Learning Initiative (PLLI) promotes and encourages parental engagement at the school, community and district levels. PLLI provides parents with opportunities to participate in various literacy workshops and cultural learning walks in schools across the district.


To find out how you can participate and achieve a Gold, Silver or Bronze Award, please contact our office at 601-960-6015 or email Althea Johnson at

Carolyn Jolivette, Executive Director

Gwen Gardner, Principal in Residence

Edie Graham, Operations/Program Manager

Althea Johnson, Parent Engagement Consultant